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Nanjing Yong Ji Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, the company is located in Nanjing Zijin Mountain River science and Technology Park, the main development, production..  

Warmly welcome all units led to my company inspection, we will seriously listen to you. For the company to strive for further improvement.
Our company will be strict with oneself, the product quality in the first place. Dedication to provide customers with high-quality and photomultiplier tube!

日本核危机致美辐射探测器卖断货 买家多在亚太
中国赴日救援队带核辐射探测仪 喝水吃饭自给(图)

Nanjing Yong Ji Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. after sale service

Pre sales service:
1, professional advisory: ensure that within 1 hours to answer any technical questions you ask
2, to provide information: ensure that within 24 hours to send technical information you need
3, reasonable quotation: ensure reasonable price products required of you in 6 hours..
4, the warm reception: you are welcome to visit the company, we will strive to provide you withconvenient and the warm reception.
In the sale of services:
1、regardless of the size of the contract, the strict implementation of the contents of the provisions of the contract we'll be on time, quality and quantity.
2、for each contract sound archive, to supervise the execution of the contract and after sale service
After-sale service:
1、Product delivery: in strict accordance with the provisions of the contract, the product safety to send to you. Products in the transportation, loading and unloading process, once the accident, we will according to your requirements for products.


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